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Sports Courses Designed To Help You Grow

Oodles Sport runs courses that have a focus on helping the whole person grow. On our sports-specific courses, we not only help develop the technical skills, but also the wider physical and mental skills needed to perform. Our wider courses are all themed around sport and are designed to give you the skills to thrive both on and off the pitch

Run by a passionate team of experts with backgrounds in Elite Sport, People Development, Coach Development and more, we think really carefully to create interesting, well thought out programmes to genuinely support young people

What People Have Kindly Said

lacrosse training

We should not under-estimate your ability to manage and engage teenagers

Jo, Parent
Sports course

They understand the power of sport and how to draw out the important lessons that come from it.

Tim, Parent
holiday sports lacrosse course

The coaching was fantastic and I really enjoyed the other different activities. It was something I had never done before and so I found it really interesting.

Lucy, Athlete

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