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We're Part Of Something Bigger

Family's Great! Oodles Sport is part of Oodles Training. We share best practices from the world of sport with them, and in return get the most up-to-date knowledge from the world of education and the commercial world. This means all our courses are exciting and different

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Oodles Workplace

We are experts in delivering training in the workplace, and are always excited to tailor courses to make them fit into 'your world'.


From mandatory Health and Safety courses to courses to help you develop your team, we love to work with organisations to ensure the courses are inspiring and engaging and relevant.

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Oodles Education

We are passionate about education and love working with students, teachers, managers, support staff and more to further develop the great work you do. 


Whether it's Ofsted, ISI, DfE and HSE compliant training or some bespoke, centre specific coaching, all of our courses are tailored to ensure they are
relevant to 'your world' and interesting to you

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Oodles Sport

Oodles Sport runs courses that have a focus on helping the whole person grow alongside developing specific sports skills. 


Our courses help you develop technical skills and the wider physical and mental skills needed to thrive both on and off the pitch. 

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What Makes Oodles Training Different?

At Oodles Training we only offer training in subjects we're passionate about, so whichever course you choose we know your coach's passion and natural interest in their subject will shine through.

Oodles Training is based around 3 core principles:


Every single one of you is different, so your training should reflect this. Whether it's a totally bespoke course or just a few tweaks, we know that if training is relevant and appropriate, it will be better retained


Because we only coach topics that we're passionate about we genuinely love having the opportunity to share that passion with you and help inspire you and the team around you. Let's spark up some enthusiasm!


Whatever the topic and whatever the reason for your booking our lively, interactive courses will give you a fresh approach, some interesting thoughts and some  helpful 'real-life' tips that you can take away and implement.

Let's Talk More...

We'd love to hear from you

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07444 021 023

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Flexible Learning Options

We know it isn't always possible, or practical to run courses in person. There are a number of different options for this course to make sure it fits easily into your way of working.

In Person

We love coming and seeing you in person. Sitting in the same room can be really helpful to create a safe, fun atmosphere to have some really powerful conversations

Remote Learning

With new ways of working, remote learning is becoming more popular. Lots of our courses lend themselves to this, and we love to deliver training in this way


We know managing complex diaries makes it challenging to fit in great training. Many of our courses can be run as blended learning, with parts happening in person and other parts as remote learning.

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