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Our bespoke courses are designed to help young people build the skills and confidence to lead their teams on and off the field. These courses are perfect for those who already lead and those aspiring to do so. With a mixture of practical activity, discussion and self-reflection, you'll come away with lots of ideas to support you and your teams.

These courses are exclusively for those in Year 11 +

Youth Leadership Training course


We'll theme these courses around leading in sport, even though we know the lessons here have a far greater reach. Sport is a great mechanism to have poignant conversations with young people, as they have lots of relevant experiences to map against the concepts we talk about, as well as an environment to test out their new skills after the course.

We use practical experiences to test our new-found skills. With plenty of time to try out different styles of leading, we can find out the benefits and pitfalls of each style, alongside which sits most comfortably for each person. After each exercise, we build in lots of time to review, to ensure we take the maximum amount of learning out of each exercise.

Youth Leadership Training course holidays schools clubs


Youth Leadership Training course athlete holiday


In this course, we explore. As we are all different, our  aim is to help everyone explore how they work, and how this can affect those around them.

Here's What We Might Cover:

Behaviours of Successful Leaders

Let's take a look at some really successful leaders past and present and try to work out what behaviours they demonstrate to make them successful

Knowing When To Innovate

Knowing when to innovate, and when to just keep trying is a key skill for leaders. Let's try some ways to free our thinking for innovation

Becoming An Energy Giver

Teams often have people who are both 'energy givers' and 'energy zappers'. As a leader, it's important you give, so let's find some easy ways to do this

Styles of Leadership

We all have a natural style of leadership, but it is important to understand when it is most and least effective to make sure you always get the best out of your team

Inspiring Team Talks

Learning to inspire and re-energise your team, especially in difficult situations is hard - let's practice this skill

Thriving Under Pressure

We can learn to use pressure to our advantage and thrive under it. It is important for leaders to role model this, and help those around them do the same

High Performing Teams

There is no feeling like the one you get when your team works together as one. Let's look at some of the best teams in the world and mimic what they do

Personal Leadership

The start of leading others is learning to lead yourself. Being personally resilient, having self-belief and self-discipline are all key skills.

Understanding Team Engagement

Everyone has a different level of engagement with their team. As leaders, it is helpful if we can spot who is becoming disengaged and have some tools to help

Role Modelling Behaviours

When you lead people, you become a role model. Here we'll take time to explore what behaviours you would like to role model, and how you can lead by example

Advanced Communication

We can all talk at our team, but great leaders are masters of communication. Let's explore how can get the best out of those around us

Feedback Is Our Friend

Feedback helps motivate us, and develop our skills. Both of these are positives, so let's learn to love feedback and set a culture of this for our team to help them

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