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Mental Health Course wellbeing training holiday




We all know how important it is as an athlete to be physically strong and agile, but what about your mental strength and agility?  How do you cope with pressure?  Can you pick yourself up after a knockdown and come back stronger?  How well do you support your team around you to reach their full potential?

These courses are exclusively for those in Year 11 +

mental health course wellbeing youth school training

Why Join Us?

As useful in day-to-day life as in sport, these skills will help you deliver your very best time and time again, and help those around you to do the same.

In sport some stress is good, it helps us deliver to our full potential.  But what happens when stress becomes negative?  Learning how to recognise negative stress and some simple techniques to help manage it are the key first steps to keeping mentally fit.  

Looking after your overall mental wellbeing is a key skill both on and off the pitch and will help ensure you perform to full potential every time!

 Due to the reflective nature of the day, and some of the concepts we will explore this course is offered to those in
Year 11 and above.

Youth Mental Health Course training wellbeing holiday

How Old Do I Have To Be?

Youth Mental Health Course england lacrosse training

Need Something Made To Measure?

Sometimes you just need something a bit more tailored. It could be because you need something on a specific date, want us to come to your school, club or workplace, or it could be because you want us to cover specific things. We run lots of different Mental Health and Leadership courses, so why not drop us a note and let's start a conversation.

Our Prices:

All our Oodles Sport prices are inc. VAT.


If you are looking for something bespoke, please get in touch

Cost Per Person

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3 People

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Additional Cost Per Person

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