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Come And Join Us!

We love to run performance focussed courses. This means that we love to help you get better. You don't have to play for a certain team to join us, but we do ask that you're keen and willing. We aim to send you home tired but inspired.


We are always joined by a team of amazing coaches, many of whom have had (and still have) international playing careers themselves. They can't wait to share their love of the game, as well as some of the tips and tricks they used to help them perform at the very highest level.

Great Courses Grow With You

We believe that the best courses grow with you to make sure you are always challenged and supported at the right level. Our sports courses, therefore, come in four tiers

Lacrosse Course Training Holidays Years 5 & 6

Love The Sport

For Years 5&6

Lacrosse Course Training Holidays Years 7 & 8

Get Competitive

For Years 7&8

Lacrosse Course Training Holidays Years 9 & 10

Fine Tune Skills

For Years 9&10

Develop-Perform-Excel CMYK-02.jpg

Go All The Way

For Years 11+

Our Prices
(These are displayed Inc VAT and are per half-day session)

lacrosse courses holiday training england lacrosse
Half Day
First Course


- 15%

Lightning Discount

- 10%

hire lacrosse equipment holiday courses training England Lacrosse
Stick Hire
Goggles Hire




We count ourselves very lucky that the same athletes come and see us time and time again. To say a big THANK YOU for this, we offer a number of different types of rewards!

Discount Reward Voucher lacrosse course holiday training england lacrosse


We love to welcome people who have never joined us before. If you haven't been on one of our courses before, sign up to our newsletter and we'll send you a 15% reward code to use against your first booking!

Discount Reward Voucher lacrosse course holiday training england lacrosse


The Lightning reward is for anyone who books a course straight after completing a previous course. Look out for the discount code at the course, and for an email after. It's a  10% reward to say THANK YOU for your ongoing support, but you have to be quick with this one... it only lasts a few days!

Discount Reward Voucher lacrosse course holiday training england lacrosse


Lots of people book out their whole Lax Season all in one go or book lots of people on in one go. This really helps us plan awesome courses. If you are going to do this, please send us a note so we can offer you something to say THANK YOU!

Discount Reward Voucher lacrosse course holiday training england lacrosse


Sometimes we just like to say THANK YOU, either to individuals or to all our supporters. Look out for these special codes sent directly to your inbox!

Where Do We Regularly Run Courses?

Here are just some of the venues we regularly run Lacrosse courses from.


If you are looking for something bespoke, or have a venue and would love to start a conversation about us running courses out of it, please get in touch.

It's About More Than Sport

Our main focus is on developing the Lacrosse Skills needed to create lots of success on the pitch.

We then ADD skills to help you develop as a Physical Athlete. These are useful whatever sport you play. Here, we'll explore things like speed, power, agility, injury prevention and more.

We then ADD skills to help you develop as a Mental Athlete. These are useful across all sports... and life. Things we might explore could be thriving under pressure, developing self-belief, leading and inspiring teams and more.

Check out all the details of what's included in our bespoke Lacrosse programme below.

Performance Lacrosse Course England Lacrosse Holiday Camp
Holiday Lacrosse Courses Training England Lacrosse

The Lacrosse Zone

This Zone is all about adding exciting new depths to your game. We'll help you hone solid foundation skills and then add in some advanced tactics to develop the sort of creativity that gives people that little bit of magic on the pitch

Good lacrosse players are fast. Top lacrosse players are fast, strong, flexible, have great coordination, endurance and more. Breaking these skills down into bite-sized pieces will allow you to focus a little bit of energy on each one, moving you ever-closer to becoming what we like to call the 'Ultimate Sporting Hero'.

Holiday Courses Lacrosse S&C England Lacrosse Talent Development

The Physical Zone

Youth Sports Psychology Holiday Course Training England Lacrosse Talent Development

The Mental Zone

Here we explore some of the psychology behind sport, looking at practical tips to make sure we are mentally fit for maximum performance. We’ll look at how athletes develop self-belief, become mentally resilient, thrive under pressure and more - giving you some tools to ensure peak performance, both on and off the pitch.

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Sports First Aid

The perfect course for those who want to know what to do if something goes wrong. An essential tool if you are thinking of becoming a coach!

Athlete Mental Health

These bespoke courses are designed to support athletes mentall wellbeing. They focus on a range of topics from thriving under pressure to learning some top tips to support wider wellbeing, 

Leadership In Sport

Our bespoke course, designed to help young people the skills and confidence to lead their teams on and off the field.  This course is perfect for those who already lead and those aspiring to do so.

Stay In Touch

We love to stay in touch. Click below to sign up to our newsletter and we'll occasionally send you information about dates, new courses, discounts, and a few top tips to keep you going!

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